About the project

Long- standing friendship, coincidence, craving for creating something untraditional and desire to help. All of that was at the very beginning of the project.

Ballet is not only full of graceful movement and emotions, but also full of hard work, pain, diligence, patience and self-denial. These qualities are also connected with a word “cure”. Oncolygy patietns were a clear choice whom to help. We have decided to donates financial part from sales of the calendar to Hemato - Ocology department of Faculty Hospital in Ostrava.

Photograph exhibition

After many hours of preparation, shooting and post-production, an unusual collection was created. We would like to present them on a big-format canvas and in a wall calendar for year 2017, named “Ballet for life”.


You are cordially invited to the opening ceremonywhich will take place on 25. 11. 2016, place to be confirmed during August.

Photo report from the opening



Samples from the calendar



Autors of the project



Maceczková Lucie



Living in Havirov, focusing on portraits, wedding and advertising photography. She started taking pictures during her university studies and has been a professional since 2012. Her work concentrates mainly on studio photography; however, Lucie currently collaborates with various companies and graphic studios on image and portrait photos from terrain. Besides photography she is interested in sport and music.


Glatzner Martin



Living in Ostrava, focusing on wedding, sport and advertising photography. He has been fascinated by photography since his childhood and has been active since 2013.His shooting was, during the time, divided into two seasons of the year. During sunny months he shoots mainly weddings and in winter it is landscape and sport. The only wider topic which accompanies him for the whole year is collaboration with various advertising agencies and graphic companies with wider focus.



Watch the video of the making calendars


Order calendar

We would also like to offer you those calendars and we accept orders from both individuals and companies. Companies can give calendars to their partners with their own logo, which we are able to print in case of higher numbers. Calendars is printed offset technique in high quality A2 size (420x594mm)!


Orders please send to email


Lucie MACECZKOVÁ, U Skleníků 1488/1c, Havířov - Prostřední Suchá, Czech republic, IČ: 73806072, , +420 777 623 855

Martin GLATZNER, Svazácká 2226/7, Ostrava, Czech republic, IČ: 02195747, , +420 774 163 388